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This site is designed to inform and illustrate a variety of ways to help tell your story,
utilizing multimedia including photo, video, spoken word, and music elements.
This site contains numerous samples and media player types for demonstration purposes.

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Telling Your Story
All forms of media, print, television and radio push more and more users to the web, to 'tell their story'.

The web is the perfect place to promote yourself at a significantly lower cost than traditional marketing methods, such as newspaper ads or direct mail.

Your website may be the single most cost-effective tool you have to tell your story. Content is the most critical part of your story, as is your viewers ability to access it easily and quickly. Updating content, along with quality design, solid software and ongoing service ensure that your message remains current, which gives viewers a reason to return and even recommend your site to other relevant and potential customers.
Mobile Websites
How does a mobile website differ from a traditional website? Mobile websites are designed to fit the smaller screens of hand-held devices. Pages are often simplified, unnecessary images are removed, and slow-loading content such as video is reduced. Many mobile websites offer content designed for consumers who are on the go.

When you're designing your mobile website, keep the following tips in mind:

Tailor your content for your on-the-go consumers.Use “finger friendly” links and buttons so your website is easy to navigate on a touch screen phone. Keep it simple — avoid visual clutter to ensure pages load quickly.Simplify your navigation and make sure that popular content is easy to find.
Using Multimedia
Interactive elements on your websites create greater interest and excitement, giving visitors more reason to return to your site. Your marketing and promotional projects can be greatly enhanced and deliver an influential and significantly more memorable message when you use multimedia!

With multimedia you can involve and engage your audience and totally immerse them in your message by giving them the opportunity to interact with a product or service you are providing.

Multimedia Elements

Graphics * Photos * Videos * Animation * Music * Sound Effects * Voiceovers
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